This document describes the privacy policy of reserves the right to revise and / or update this policy at any time without notifying the registered users of Please read this policy often. The operators of will do their best to update the registered users about major policy changes.


Thank you for visiting We do not take your data lightly.

  • We promise that we will never share e-mail addresses or other information that is collected from users with any third party.
  • We promise that you will never receive spam from We will send as few emails as possible.
  • We promise to protect your information to the best of our abilities.

Email Notifications must use email notifications in certain scenarios. It is not possible to opt-out of these email notifications:

  • Account confirmation. Every account must be verified with a valid email address. send a simple email to the email address of the account requesting for the user to click a link. After clicking this link, users are automatically validated with the application.
  • Urgent notifications. These are rare occurences where must inform their users about information relating their security, or any other matter that can negatively affect the user or their data.

Account Security

We highly recommend that users and potential users choose a password that is difficult for another person or computer program to guess. requires passwords to be at least 6 characters. We recommend using unique passwords for each website that users are registered on.

Your Information

Users can update or remove any optional information in their account settings. All required information will be hidden from the public. There is no public facing part of for user data or profiles.

Slack App is a third party Slack integration. It is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.

Slack is primarily a user facing interface for When adding the Slack integration to your Slack account, will store a unique token that allows it to authenticate with the Slack service. This token allows to access the following information:

  • Commands. We provide a /buster command that allows users to communicate with their bot directly from the slack interface. This permission allows to create the slash command on the users Slack team account.
  • Incoming Webhook. This permission allows to push messages to a single channel on the Slack team. This is how communicates with team members active on Slack.
  • Channels Read. We read channel information for a single channel that is authorized by the user so that can read the users from that channel. only calls out workout events for users who are added to the allowed channel.
  • Users Read. This permission is used to pull the users name from Slack so that can send workout triggers and reference the user. also stores a unique, non human-readable id for each user who is called out in a workout trigger. This is stored to track statistics for users who would like to see how many times they were called out for a workout, and which exercises they were called out for. This data is available to the user through the dashboard interface on


If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement, the practices of, or your dealings on our web site, please contact us.