Busterbot is a free Slack Bot that promotes energy, motivation, and health in your office. Join 1000+ other businesses that are using Busterbot in their offices today!

A tool to make your teams better

Configurable tool that allows you and your team to design the perfect motivation schedule at the office.

Increase Motivation

The best companies keep their employees motivated. Setup triggers every 15, 30, 60 min or whatever works for your team to give employees a break from day-to-day tasks.

Energize The Team

Design a plan that allows employees to take a break doing something they love. Take a walk, do some stretches, try some push ups, read a chapter of your favorite book, etc. You decide what your team does to stay energized.

Be Healthier

Keeps employees healthier by providing a better way to step away from the task at hand. A fun way to bond with the team while getting out of your seat for a few minutes to avoid the deadly health effects of sitting still most of the day.

Connects directly to Slack channels.

Busterbot connects directly up to the great communication tool called Slack so that your teams can stay productive.

Busterbot APP 8:10 AM
Time for 30 minutes stretching.@sherlock @walterwhite
Next call out in 45 minutes.
Busterbot APP 10:00 AM
Take a 15 minute walk around the building.@indianajones @hp
Next call out in 2 hours.
Busterbot APP 1:00 PM
Time for 20 minutes of anything you want!@vader @gandalf
Next call out in 1 hour.
Busterbot APP 2:25 PM
Time for 25 situps!@dumbledore @tarzan
Next call out in 15 minutes.
Busterbot APP 4:00 PM
Time for 10 quick pull ups!@jacksparrow @jimmyneutron
Next call out in 30 minutes.

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